Born September 28, 1971 in Norridge, Illinois, Darren began piano and drums in grade school. He was introduced to jazz in 8th grade (by a fellow student!) and quickly dropped Van Halen & the Police for Roy Haynes & Thelonious Monk.

Darren began undergraduate studies at Eastern Illinois University in 1989. There he studied percussion with Johnny Lee Lane, and Jazz with Henry Butler. He graduated with a Bachelor of Music in 1993.

Since returning home to Chicago in 1994, Darren has worked as a freelance musician and private percussion instructor. He has had the pleasure of performing with many jazz artists, including Bobby Enriquez, Richie Cole, Kevin Gainer, & Kevin Cole. He spent two years as the house drummer at Chicago’s famed Pump Room with Singer Jim Rollins.

He has also recorded with many local artists including Michele Thomas, Ted Hogarth, Ari Seder, and Hard Art Groop. Darren also has led the Big Joe’s Sunday Night Jazz Jam for three years.

Darren is Instructor of Drumset for North Park University, teaches Jazz Percussion at Harper College, Jazz Band at Notre Dame College Prep & an online MECA instructor for Vandercook College of Music.

Darren was the drummer for the “Tribute to the Rat Pack" show at the Royal George Theater in 2006. Recent recordings include Ari Seder’s Organ Trio, Jeff Hedberg's C11 & Margie Gibson’s All We Need to Know (both now featured on Itunes). He has recently recorded with the Metropolitan Jazz Octet, the Waystation and engineered, produced, and played drums/percussion on Michele Thomas's Messenger.

If not drumming, he wastes too much of his time following hockey, doing bad impersonations and comedy, and has renewed his love for Van Halen & and the Police.