Drumming Lessons With Darren Scorza

Lessons offered in a modern style, with a traditional approach.
Specializing in pop, funk, R&B, classical, and rock music genres.
Teaching is something I take very seriously…and seriously enjoy.  I’ve had the pleasure of studying with some great teachers, and feel a responsibility to pass on the tradition.  My teaching style focuses on practical technique and reflects the musical experiences I’ve encountered over the years.  I try to gauge what each student needs and wants.

My Experience: I've both performed and taught professionally in the Chicago- land area for the past 15 years. I've played in Big Bands, numerous jazz groups, rock bands, and recorded with many of Chicago's finest musicians.
I've taught all ages (5 to 59 to be exact) at my home studio and at junior high and high schools throughout the area. I've also been involved in clinic/group teaching in band/orchestra, marching band, and jazz band. I also teach drum set at both Harper College & North Park University.

Maine South High School - General - 1985-89
Eastern Illinois University - Bachelor of Music - 1989-84
Eastern Illinois University - Graduate Studies-Music - 1994

Location: I am located on the North side of Chicago, near Northeastern University and Sauganash, 5 minutes from the Eden's Peterson and Foster exits.

What will your drum lesson be like? Each student is unique, so we will spend time determining what direction you (or your parents if you are younger) would like to take. Your ability will also be taken into consideration.

Traditional Approach: This is for the student who wishes to improve in areas of snare drum and fundamentals of "classical" drumming. Grip, hand technique and sound production will be taught. Rudiments will be covered, as well as use of standard drum texts. We can also study mallets as well. I've taught beginners how to hold the sticks, as well as high school students preparing for college auditions. I also have written many etudes and solos for junior high and high school students, which are geared towards preparing the students for their experience in their music programs.

Drumset Approach I usually divide the lesson into technical exercises (stick control, snare methods) that are applicable to drumset use. An example might be taking a page from a text like Stick Control and creating ways to apply it to the drumset. Many of students will take these ideas and create some of their own. I always tell my students that the best drummers are not only creative on the bandstand, but in the practice room. Most drummers don't get too excited about the idea of hacking out endless pages of snare exercises. I like to take some of that method and quickly show the drummer what can be done.

I've spent a lot of time working out of all the popular drum books. So, we will spend some time using the best of those... Here is a short list of some of the books I've used with my students.

Syncopation -Ted Reed, using the Alan Dawson method.
Future Sounds & The Funky Beat - David Garibaldi.
New Breed - Gary Chester.
The Commandments of R&B Drumming - Zoro
Conversations in Clave - Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez
Realistic Rock Drum Method - Carmine Appice
Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset - Duduka DaFonseca & Bob Weiner
Building Bass Drum Technique - Ron Spagnardi
Double Bass Drumming - Joe Franco

I've also written a few booklets that use the concepts of the books listed above, but are geared towards the younger student. These are given to students as part of the lesson pricing.

And finally, I've recently been assembling a collection of the best funk, rock and jazz play-a-longs. A drum lessons is supposed to fun and practical.

30 min. - $30
45 min. - $45
60 min. - $50

Please feel free to contact me by phone or at my website. I am also offering an introductory lesson/meeting for $15. I look forward to hearing from you! Let's learn how to play and have some fun doing it.

Contact Darren Scorza for more details.